Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is one of the prominent cities in the Red Sea governorate, about 132km away from El Quseir.The importance of the village has increased at full speed after the construction of Marsa Alam International Airport in 2001. Nowadays the city is visited by multitudes of visitors for enjoying nice fishing holidays and practicing interesting water activities.
As a charming city , Marsa Alam is blessed with the appearance of a tropical paradise with its palm trees , mangroves and sea coasts rich with great barrier coral reefs . Near the city , there are other attractions such as the Emerald Mines that dates back to the time of Ptolemy II and the Temple of Seti I .
Diving and Snorkeling come on top of admirable water activities for tourists and professional divers in Marsa Alam. This is due to the availability of numerous scuba diving centers with highly qualified and welcoming teams, and also the richness of Marsa Alam water with numerous schools of hammerheadsharks and bump head parrotfish. Diving in Marsa Alam is possible throughout the year, but it is better in summer months because of the calmness of winds.
Snorkeling in Marsa Alam is another widely practiced water sport and there are numerous centers for it through out the Red Sea Coast such as Hamanta , Dolphin House , Topia Islan and Blue Lagoon . People of limited experience in swimming prefer snorkeling in Marsa Alam for viewing the brightly colored coral reefs, schools of fish and rare species of sea creatures in the Red Sea.
The permanent summer weather combined with the promise of what the Red Sea Riviera has to offer means it is fast becoming a hotspot for both holidaymakers and investors.

Activities and Entertainment in Marsa Alam:

  1. Diving: Marsa Alam is home to the finest onshore diving in the Red Sea with an impressive range of dive sites fringing the whole length of the resort's coastline. The most vivid colours and unique coral formations are a feast for the eyes and marine life such as hammerhead sharks and morays will leave unaccustomed divers in awe. The immense coral gardens are largely in pristine condition and benefit from superb visibility for most of the year.
  2. Desert Safaris: For those that can pull themselves away from the glorious beaches, a trek into the desert is an absolute must and the most rewarding of adventures. Daily guided trips can be enjoyed by jeep, camel train, and horse back or even zipping over sand dunes by quad bike. Experience the complete stillness of rugged canyons and magical oases and a once in a lifetime encounter with hospitable Bedouin tribesmen.
  3. Sports and Recreation: Many resort hotels have extensive recreational facilities for guests from tennis courts with professional coaching, organized horse back treks, beach volleyball competitions and plentiful water sports. Children will enjoy a daily program of supervised fun and games and a range of health and wellness spa treatments are the perfect cure for a long hot day in the sun.
  4. Snorkeling Trips: Non divers can still experience the rich and colorful underwater scenery on a Marsa Alam holiday with a rewarding full day of  organized snorkeling. Cruising around shallow offshore reefs teeming with vibrant marine life, chance encounters with dolphins are a distinct possibility. A relaxing stop for lunch on a tranquil small island will replenish energy levels for further underwater exploration.
  5. Night Life: Nightlife in Marsa Alam offers tourists with fun filled experience and is completely entertaining for body and soul. The famous nightclubs area is on the marina where visitors can visit the various nightclubs, pubs, discos and casinos. Nightlife in Marsa Alam is pulsating with energy and presents a vibrant picture of the city at night time.


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