Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is considered one of the major tourist-attraction destination in Egypt for three main reasons:

  1. Climate: Sharm el Sheikh is well known for its warm weather all year long.
  2. Location: Sharm enjoys a strategic location in northern Africa, making it quite close to European Countries.
  3. Coast: A vacation spent in Sharm El Sheikh is considered relatively cheap to tourists in comparison to other tourist destinations in different countries.
  4. Accommodation: A wide variety of world wide hotels are located in Sharm El Sheikh, which added a great value to the city.

Sharm El Sheikh is divided into 6 main bays:

  1. Naama Bay -Centre of Sharm: The majority of hotels, shopping and residential areas are located in Naama Bay. It is 15 minutes driving distance from Sharm El Sheikh Airport.
  2. Sharm El Maya (also known as the Old Market)- South of Sharm: The biggest shopping areas and restaurants are located in Sharm el Maya bay where prices are relatively cheaper than in Naama Bay. Very few hotels are located in this bay.
  3. Sharks Bay – North Of Central Sharm: It is one of the prime locations for 5 stars hotels such as Four Seasons, Savoy and Hilton.
  4. Nabq Bay- North of Sharm: This bay enjoys a cooler temperature than that all over Sharm. The temperature in Nabq Bay is usually 4 degrees less than the rest of Sharm.This climate advantage was the reason behind the big boom that started in Nabq in 2004.
  5. Hadaba: The first developed area in Sharm el Sheikh, built mainly by Israelis.The Hadaba area was divided and sold as small areas by the city council.Small villas were built on the Hadaba in the form of 4 to 6 apartments, owned by both locals and foreigners living in Sharm.
  6. Hay El Nor and the Industrial Area: Small villas were built in this area in the form of 4 to 6 apartments each.The industrial area in Sharm el Sheikh is in a very small scale taking the form of shops and work sites.


Hadaba has 2 main shopping areas:

  1. Mercato: a high end shopping area, where stores are for rent only.
  2. Alf Leila we Leila: A big shopping area, cinema hall and theatre.


Tourists Arrivals: The average tourist arrivals to Sharm El Sheikh by nationalities per week are defined as follows:

  1. 40 flight from United Kingdom
  2. 50 flights from Russia
  3. 25 Flights from Italy
  4. 10 flights from Scandinavian countries.


Highest season in Sharm El Sheikh is from September to May, and the lowest is between June to August.The majority of tourists, around 99%, arrive by plane to Sharm El Sheikh Airport. Arab tourists and Egyptians come for small vacations (around 5 days to a week),during national holidays. 2 planes arrive to Sharm El Sheikh per week from UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordon,representing less than 5% of the tourists in Sharm.
Arabs have very little effect on Sharm El Sheikh's economy, as they spend most of their day-time in the hotel, while their night time are spent between casinos and night clubs.

Main Tourist Attractions:

  1. Casinos: There are 8 casinos in Sharm El Sheikh, 5 of them are located in Naama bay. Casinos mainly attract Russians, Arabs and Italians.
  2. Water Parks: There are 2 water parks in Sharm El Sheikh, one is located in Hilton-Naama Bay and the second is located in Hadaba.The cost of the water park ticket is 150 EGP per person.
  3. Night Clubs: There are 10 bars and 10 night clubs in Sharm El Sheikh ,located as follows:
  • 5 Night Clubs in Naama-Bay
  • 2 in Hadaba
  • 2 in Nabq Bay
  • 1 in Sharks bay


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