Edar Sea View Properties has service commitments to property sellers, buyers and renters as well. These services could be summarized as follows:

Services to Sellers/Developers:

The Seller Service Promise is our commitment to sellers, to make every effort to sell your property. As part of the Seller Service Promise, Edar Sea View System agrees to:

  • Provide a marketing system for your property. ·
  • Provide worldwide exposure by marketing your property on the Internet.
  • Furnish a written Comparative Market Analysis to help you determine the most effective listing price for your property.
  • Review various financing alternatives.
  • Have the recognized Edar Sea View sign installed on your property. ·
  • Provide regular progress reports throughout the marketing period.
  • Show your property to pre-qualified buyers.

Submit to you all written offers as presented; assist with negotiations; and provide an estimate of your net sales proceeds prior to acceptance.

Services to Buyers/Renters:

Buying/Leasing a property can be a complex, intimidating experience, but Edar Sea View professional can guide you through every step of the way. With Edar Sea View Buyer Service Promise, you will receive professional and personalized service. The Buyer/Tenant Service Promise is our commitment to buyers, to make every effort to buy/lease your dream property. As part of the Buyer/Tenant Service Promise, Edar Sea View System agrees to:

  • Help you in finding the best property, with access to the entire market by conducting an ongoing search of a wide spectrum of available properties.
  • Perform due diligence and objective evaluation of the candidate property to determine its positives and negatives.
  • Provide a detailed Comparative Market Analysis, if required to assess the market value.
  • Present your best interest.
  • Negotiate on behalf of you for the best price and terms possible.
  • Disclose to you any information that might influence your decision to buy.
  • Act with reasonable skill, care and diligence.
  • Provide an honest, loyal and lawful service.